Buildings 1st Edition

The selected locations represent a way to speak of some ‘forgotten’ buildings in the city: former factories, municipal markets, warehouses, shut down cinemas and more. the main theme is ‘urban heritage’: public buildings that lost their social and architectural meanings. thus, the selected locations carry a strong symbolic message: they are forgotten pieces of the city, neglected areas in the city center that lost their original purpose, a purpose that is not anymore maintainable.


In this map you can see all the locations of the first edition [wpme-gmap map=”1915″]

Daniel Eime @ Mercato Guido Reni

This time we talk about street markets that have lost their central role in the neighborhood and that risk succumbing to large food distribution chains. The object of the intervention will be the Market Guido Reni, example of a structure with high potential that will be suited for an advanced functional model of market. Imponent […]

±MAISMENOS± @ Metropolitan/ Pasquino/ Troisi

This time the urban art project focused on shut down cinemas in Rome, whose future in uncertain and which have been ‘forgotten’. On February 19th, 20th and 21st those ‘urban ghosts’ became the striking setting of Miguel Januario’s temporary art installations that by making black stripes of paper, stencils and spray-cans available to passers-by,  gave them […]

Bordalo II @ Saint Peter Station

The place chosen is Saint Peter Station which, with 253 trains per day, is the station of the shortest international railway in the world – connecting Italy with Vatican State. This intervention at Saint Peter Station owned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Ferrovia dello Stato Group) talks about the profound metamorphosis of urban areas: the main […]

Frederico Draw @ Ex fabbrica Mira-Lanza

Forgotten Project’s second artistic intervention focused on former factories through the realization of a mural on one of the most emblematic industrial archaeological sites in Rome: the ex-Mira Lanza factory. The history of this factory is entwined with leadership, corporate mergers, reconversions, the post-war period, cultural centres, unaccomplished projects and fires. In order to illustrate […]

Add Fuel @ EX-SIAR

Forgotten Project’s first art intervention was in Piazza della Marina. The building selected for the art intervention (which is located near Piazza del Popolo) is part of a neglected area (ex-SIAR) subject to several renovation proposals, none of which has been accomplished. The first artist who had been invited by Forgotten Project is Diogo Machado, […]