Frederico Draw @ Ex fabbrica Mira-Lanza

Forgotten Project’s second artistic intervention focused on former factories through the realization of a mural on one of the most emblematic industrial archaeological sites in Rome: the ex-Mira Lanza factory. The history of this factory is entwined with leadership, corporate mergers, reconversions, the post-war period, cultural centres, unaccomplished projects and fires. In order to illustrate this complex history, Forgotten invited the Portuguese artist Frederico Draw, who is very keen on this kind of urban themes, being the founder of PUTRICA (Proposte Urbane Temporanea di Recupero e Intervento Culturale ed Artistico), a project that uses street art to turn empty urban sites into spaces with an artistic and cultural value.

From October 30th to November 1st the artist realized a portrait of Pier Paolo Pasolini, while the Teatro India (which is located inside the same industrial yard of the former Mira Lanza factory) was running several theatre plays dedicated to this great intellectual of our times.

This is not the first street art tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini, but Frederico Draw portrayed him in a very distinctive way, using spray cans as if they were pencils. The final result is a sketched portrait, which at the same time is very detailed: a poignant delight for the public.

The building

The intervention

“Making of” video