Add Fuel @ EX-SIAR

Forgotten Project’s first art intervention was in Piazza della Marina.
The building selected for the art intervention (which is located near Piazza del Popolo) is part of a neglected area (ex-SIAR) subject to several renovation proposals, none of which has been accomplished.

The first artist who had been invited by Forgotten Project is Diogo Machado, aka ADD FUEL, who realized the mural ‘this connection’. This artwork is a dialogue, or -better- a dichotomy, between ‘azulejos’ (the traditional Portuguese tiles) and Italian medieval Cosmatesque decorations. The illusion of matter is at the core of his work. Using stencils to call to mind ceramic, and spray cans for posters, he gets an overall layering that reminds to passers-by what that wall used to be before the art intervention.

The building

The intervention

“Making of” video