Forgotten Project was born in 2015 to enhance Rome’s contemporary architecture through urban art.
There are some typologies of buildings that are at risk of being forgotten by those residents that don’t see anymore their social, cultural and urban centrality.
The project aims at bringing attention back to these buildings, which still have a high – yet neglected – potential, though urban art and a series of events that actively involve people.



Forgotten wants to awake the citizens’ civic consciousness. Forgotten events are developed collaborating with a network of local associations and various actors operating in the area. At the same time, Forgotten is part of an international network of partners, which makes it a multicultural, widely echoed project that improves mutual growth through exchanging.
The project is experimental because it brings urban art in the city center and it doesn’t focus on a single area but on the whole city, unlike all those projects that uses street art to redevelop the outskirts. Unlike many street art festivals, Forgotten Project selects the artists by focusing each edition on a specific country, in order to delve into the artistic scene of that country and compare it to Italy.



Forgotten (still) exists thanks to its crazy, kamikaze volunteers. The idea was born in front of a beer shared between two friends. Today, we are eight. Tomorrow, who knows…
If you are eager to jump into this crazy project with us, write to info@forgottenproject.it 


Alessandra Arpino, co-founder and project manager

Hugo Dias, co-founder and art director

Hugo Simões, esternal relations manager and fundraising

Elsa Lourenço, comunication manager and back office

Elena Santoro, social media manager

Giulia Riva, events manager

Marta Astuti, events assistant

Stefano Corso, photographer

My Dog Sighs with Forgotten Team