Forgotten Project Second Edition


Four world-famous British street artists and four new themes for the project dedicated to the forgotten buildings of Rome

The second edition of Forgotten Project will start in March 2018 in Rome.
The project started in 2015, which dedicated it’s first edition to Portugal, will now focus on one of the most representative countries of urban art: the United Kingdom. From the role of London as the European cradle of street art, to the Banksy phenomenon, and the many festivals in different areas of the country, there are many aspects of British urban art to explore.

The walls of the second edition will be signed by big names like Dan Kitchener, Lucy McLauchlan, My Dog Sighs, and Phlegm, who will create a work of urban art for the first time in the italian capital.

The project will address new issues: school buildings at risk, hospitals to be converted, disused sports facilities, theaters that risk closure. Furthermore, to rediscover the social and architectural value of the buildings involved, also this year, Forgotten will organize multiple activities for the territory: tours, urban games, aperitifs with the artist, are among the proposals on the calendar. Several of the center municipalities will be involved, always under the supervision of the Cultural Growth Department of Roma Capitale that gives its patronage to the entire project.

The artist My Dog Sighs will be opening this year’s project, working on the theme of the hospitals being reconverted. This event is supoported by Absolut vodka which has always been close and supports art projects as creative tools for a better future.


About Forgotten

The urban Forgotten Project was born in 2015, with the aim of highlighting the buildings in the central areas of Rome that, due to the physiological transformation of the city and the habits of its inhabitants, have lost their sociological and functional importance, therefore risking being forgotten. In Forgotten’s first edition ex-factories, closed cinemas, small stations, abandoned areas, and local markets were the subject of artistic actions. The former Mira-Lanza factory, the Sala Troisi, the San Pietro station and the ex-SIAR area were the exceptional locations for the works of the 5 Portuguese artists Add Fuel, Frederico Draw, Miguel Januário (± MaisMenos ±), Bordalo II and Daniel Eime.

The interventions of the first edition where showed in the exhibition “Forgotten … (THE EXHIBITION)” at the MACRO Testaccio and in the Forgotten Catalog 2015/16.
Forgotten Project is part of the Technical Table on Urban Creativity promoted by Inward.
Has participated in several conferences including Urban Talks and the 2017 Public Space Biennal.
Recently has received a special mention during the Institutional Art Awards 2017 and Art Doc Fest 2017.