Kick-ups Competition for Campo Testaccio


On Wednesday May the 23rd starting from 6 p.m. footballs are back in the former stadium Campo Testaccio.

To launch the new mural by the English street artist Lucy McLauchlan for Forgotten Project, to highlight the conditions of forgotten sport facilities in the city centre of Rome, we organize a kick-ups competition at the legendary stadium of A.S. Roma football team.

To take part to the kick-ups competition there are a few, very simple rules:

1. Read all the rules, ‘till the end
2. While you’re at it, read also the whole text of the event
3. Register for the competition through this form:
4. Be at 6.30 p.m. at the entrance of the public library “Enzo Tortora” (Via Nicola Zabaglia 29-43)
5. The turn ends when the ball touches the ground, is touched with a body part not valid in football (arm, forearm, hand) or when it touches other structures and / or people
6. The winner should score the highest number of dribbles. He/She will win a football customized by the artist
7. All participants will be greeted with a vodka Absolut cocktail
8. By breaking the Guinness World Record of 50.970 dribbles you will win a silk print numbered and signed by the artist
9. If you don’t break the Guinness World Record, you can still get a silk print numbered and signed by the artist on our website > check out the fundraising page to learn how you can support the project!

For this event, Absolut Vodka is supporting Forgotten and promoting the artwork. Guests will be welcomed with a cocktail. The Swedish vodka brand has always been close to the art world as a creative tool for a better tomorrow.
See you there!

FORGOTTEN PROJECT was born in 2015 to enhance Rome’s contemporary architecture through urban art. There are some typologies of buildings that are at risk of being forgotten by those residents that don’t see anymore their social, cultural and urban centrality. The project aims at bringing attention back to these buildings, which still have a high – yet neglected – potential, though urban art and a series of events that actively involve people.

LUCY MCLAUCHLAN creates a world full of stories, governed by a passionate instinct that translates into an almost gestural painting and performative act. Lucy’s art combines ancient, almost prehistoric influences with a modern graphic sensibility. The creative impulse that binds these two different influences together constitutes its clear stylistic code, which gives its work an immediately recognisable style. Four of her art works are part of the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. More info about the artist: