Considering the attention reserved in recent years to the Banksy phenomenon, aware of the expansion of the various festivals in different areas of the country, wanting to emphasize the role that the city of London has historically had, and continues to have, of European cradle of street art, the choice of  United Kingdom has seemed the most natural – facing to the gap of British artists that the open-air museum of Rome currently presents.
Artists representing different currents and themes have been selected.

My Dog Sighs

After working quietly but with fervour on the streets, Portsmouth artist My Dog Sighs has recently appeared more consistently in the international contemporary art scene. Born from the desire to interact with the urban landscape and its inhabitants, whilst wanting to avoid anything with too great an impact, his work creates a story based on […]

Lucy McLauchlan

Working mainly on duotone, Lucy McLauchlan creates a world full of stories and governed by a passionate instinct that translates into almost gestural painting, an almost performative act. Lucy’s art combines ancient, almost prehistoric influences with a modernist graphic sensibility. The creative impulse that binds these two different references together constitutes its clear stylistic code, […]

Dan Kitchener

Also known as DANK, Dan Kitchener is an artist, illustrator and art director. His professional life is divided between Essex and London. His work focuses on the theme of urbanism, scenes depicted are inspired by everyday life, set in a metropolitan environment featuring neon lighting and rain. The relationship with lighting, as well as composition, […]


Muralist and illustrator based in Sheffield, Phlegm’s style of murals is closely related to his work on paper, which he dedicates himself to incessantly, finding great stimulus in transforming urban spaces and entire buildings as if they were white pages. His imagination is half-childish, half-threatening, immersed in strongholds with castles, turrets and scaled stairs. The […]