“I still remember how it was before” by My Dog Sighs

The artwork created by My Dog Sighs for Forgotten Project has much to do with the city of Rome and the central district of Trastevere. For Rome, My Dog Sighs decides to abandon the pop elements and strong colors in favor of softer nuances that interact best with the colors of the neighborhood and historic Rome.

Eyes that emerge on the surface, from the wall, eyes that observe the passers-by observing the eyes. But talking only about his extraordinary technique would be reductive for an artist like My Dog Sighs …

The Portsmouth artist does not paint eyes, but stories. And there are many stories told in the eyes of Via Morosini, stories of those who have a link with the Nuovo Regina Margherita hospital – which the wall belongs to – that tell of twins birth, routine analysis, but also of those who live it every day: doctors, nurses and guardians. The city has actively participated in the construction of the mural by delivering a half-length photo to the artist, who has brought back the silhouette in the eyes that reflect the city of Rome and its unmistakable skyline.

Spray, roller, brush, stencil and free hand, acrylics and paints for a sensitive artist who does not fear the challenges and who very often wins them as he has demonstrated with the artwork “I still remember how it was before” in a unique place like Trastevere.