The Street Artist My Dog Sighs, for the first time in Rome with  Forgotten Project


The Nuovo Regina Margherita will be the location of the first intervention of the urban art project born to reclaim the value of urban heritage. 

The second edition of Forgotten Project in Rome is starting. We will open the ball with the British street artist,  My Dog Sighs, at his first experience in the capital city.

The first of the four actions of the project focuses on the theme of hospitals to be converted. The artwork will be in the Trastevere district, in via Morosini at Presidio Nuovo Regina Margherita of ASL Roma 1.

Provisions in the management of healthcare facilities in recent years have made a series of changes in A.S.L. buildings as well as in hospitals. Beyond the Nuovo Regina Margherita hospital, CTO and Eastman hospitals are also under a reconversion process.
In Rome, the Forlanini Hospital is a unique example in history with years of controversy around its closure, but the San Giacomo hospital in Via Canova is also a striking example of how the city’s expansion constitutes an element with a thousand facets and complications.

As usual Forgotten project chooses to focus on a building of every category, delving into the architectural, anthropological, and social aspects of it.
To do this it will involve a charismatic artist like My Dog Sighs, who will create his first artwork in the Eternal city.

What a better way to get pedestrian’s attention with his iconic eyes that describe many different stories. After the latest experience in the USA, Israel and Japan the urban artist who is giving new life to food cans- thrown away- and ambassador of the worldwide movement Free Art Friday, will sprinkle some color in the heart of Trastevere.

The participants of the free walking tour of Saturday 10th – For once we check them up! A walking tour in the hospital structures of Rome city center – have left some written suggestions to the artist.

March 17th is the presentation of the artwork and artist!
To thank him, Forgotten will organize the first Free Art Friday in Rome, this time on Saturday. Along the Trastevere streets people will have the chance to find artworks and bring them to their houses – thanks to painters, photographers, sculptors, illustrators and all the artists who want to bypass the commercial system of art by giving their works for free to the persons that appreciate them.

For the artists who still want to participate, they just have to fill in the form they find on the website and show up with the artwork in via Morosini, in front of the wall on 17th March at 3 pm.

For everyone else who wants to bring home an artwork, the appointment is Saturday, March 17th at 5pm near the Nuovo Regina Margherita of ASL Roma 1 and Piazza San Cosimato.

About Forgotten
Forgotten Project was born in 2015 and after the first edition focused on Portugal, this year chooses United Kingdom.
Considering the attention reserved in recent years to the Banksy phenomenon, aware of the expansion of the various festivals in different areas of the country, wanting to emphasize the role that the city of London has historically had, and continues to have, of European cradle of street art, the choice of  United Kingdom has seemed the most natural – facing to the gap of British artists that the open-air museum of Rome currently presents.
Artists representing different currents and themes have been selected.
The walls of the second edition will signed by artists like Dan Kitchener,  Lucy McLauchlan, My Dog Sighs and Phlegm, who are going to create their first urban artwork in Rome.
Forgotten Project was born to enhance Rome’s contemporary architecture through urban art.

The first edition focused on old factories, closed down cinemas, small stations, local markets and abandoned. The ex fabbrica Mira-Lanza, Sala Troisi, San Pietro Station and ex-SIAR area have been the exceptional location for the artworks of 5 portuguese artists Add Fuel, Frederico Draw, Miguel Januário (±MaisMenos±), Bordalo II e Daniel Eime.
The interventions of the first edition where showed in the exhibition “Forgotten … (THE EXHIBITION)” at the MACRO Testaccio and in the Forgotten Catalog 2015/16.
Forgotten Project is part of the Technical Table on Urban Creativity promoted by Inward.
Has participated in several conferences including Urban Talks and the 2017 Public Space Biennal.
Recently has received a special mention during the Institutional Art Awards 2017 and Art Doc Fest 2017.