“Not Forgotten” by Lucy McLauchlan

Lucy McLauchlan’s artwork doesn’t deny the story of a forgotten stadium, neither claims to erase years of oblivion with rolls and spray-cans. The wall painted by this Birmingham-based artist aims at highlighting those years of oblivion through the inclusion of elements that symbolize decay into its elegant composition. Likewise classical music and rock, Lucy McLauchlan’s signature artistic traits dance above, under, next to and even around the tags and more signs of vandalism, which show the years of oblivion. Clear contrasts, harmony with the pre-existing nuances, sinuous shapes and recurring spherical shapes dot a trajectory developing along more than 40 meters and ending exactly at what is still standing of Campo Testaccio. Far away from a mere urban decoration, NOT FORGOTTEN is a wake-up call to passers-by, a new hope and – why not – a stadium chant.