Homage to shut down cinemas in Rome


The Portuguese Artist ±MaisMenos± is coming to Rome with an irreverent artistic installation 

• ±MaisMenos± will be the  fourth  Portuguese artist invited by  Forgotten Project,  an urban art project aiming at highlighting those buildings in Rome that risk being ‘forgotten’.

• Since 2008, more than 40 cinemas shut down. ± MaisMenos± will spotlight some of them in the city center of Rome.

• Forgotten  Project  is  halfway  through  and  will  culminate  with  an  exhibition  on  MACRO - Rome’s  Contemporary  Art  Museum  – later  this  year

From  February 19th the Portuguese  artist  ±MaisMenos±  will  be  in  Rome  to  do some artistic installations. These installations will be based on playing with typographic characters in front of some of the most iconic shut down cinemas in Rome.

Since 2008 more than 40 cinemas shut down. Only in the Trastevere area, iconic cinemas like America, Roma, Troisi, Pasquino closed their doors. The trend seems to continue as yet another historical cinema of Rome, the Alcazar, closed its doors a few days ago.

After having focused on dismissed areas, old factories and little stations, Forgotten is now paying homage to former cinemas, which nowadays have no function. Rome is well known for being a city of cinephiles: it hosts important cinema festivals, it owns the legacy of Cinecittà and it consistently inspires directors and cinema producers. ±MaisMenos±’s artistic installations -therefore – is going to play with words and sentences related to the connection between Rome and Cinema.

‘±MAISMENOS±’ surfaces in 2005 as a personal project developed in an academic research context. It quickly became a reference of creative interventions in Portuguese urban circles, due to its viral mechanics as well as the various media it wove itself into.

Initially, ±MAISMENOS± presented itself as a brand against brands, its utopian mission being the antidote to advertising: ± may be found as illegal marks over a wide variety of urban environments, just as it may surface as an art installation.

‘±MAISMENOS± is the visual representation of the collapse of the economic systems (+ – = 0), clearly conveying a standpoint in regards to it – while also acting as a blank canvas, a particularly open-ended icon where the citizen may be able to project anything they wish, fear or suspect.

As usual, Forgotten will propose a parallel activity to involve citizens: this time, a treasure hunt will be organized on Saturday night, 20 February, through Trastevere neighbourhood. The winners will get a print, inspired by Rome installation, signed and numbered by the artist.

Forgotten  is  an  urban  art  project  that  aims  to  put  in  the  spotlight  some  roman  buildings  that  for  reasons  mainly  related  to  the  times,  the  expansion  of  the  city, the  changing  of  habits  of  the  citizens  have lost their function  or  have  an  uncertain  future  and risk to be “forgotten” despite of their central location.

Five  urban  artists  of  the  Portuguese  contemporary  art scene,  much  appreciated  in  Europe  and  in  the  world, were invited to do their first artwork in  Rome, on the facades of buildings selected in order to offer food for thoughts, both for the single building and  the building type they represent.

This  project,  promoted  by  MACRo,  is organized under the patronage of the Embassy of Portugal, the House of Architecture in Rome, the Cultural Department of the City of Rome, with the help of the Embassy of Portugal,  the  Cultural Institute  Camões, and the fundraising  campaign.

Technical Sponsor: Tap Portugal, Silkprint, Birra del Borgo

In collaboration with: Together

Pictures by Paolo Darra / Video by Leonardo  Meuti

Curated by Hugo  Dias  and Alessandra Arpino