Daniel Eime in Roma: a tribute to markets



• After focusing on dismissed areas, old factories, little stations, and closed cinemas Forgotten is now paying homage to municipal markets

• The portuguese artist Daniel Eime will be in Rome to talk about the potential of covered markets

• The first edition of Forgotten will conclude with  an  exhibition on MACRO – Rome’s Contemporary Art Museum, that opens on 13th April


From April 4th, the portuguese artist Daniel Eime will be in Rome to offer food for thought on street markets that have lost their central role in the neighborhood and that risk succumbing to large food distribution chains. The object of the intervention will be the Market Guido Reni, example of a structure with high potential that will be suited for an advanced functional model of market.

The latest data talk about 132 municipal markets, from which 30 have its own area (covered), 38 stallage and 64 street markets. In covered markets, in particular, 236 boxes are not assigned to a total of 418 available.
Lately in Rome there have been numerous efforts by the administration and staff and continue the initiatives (latest of which the Mercati d’autore) seeking to reverse a situation that turned nasty.

Imponent and prestigious architectures, once essential to the neighborhood, markets now risk being forgotten.
The purpose of the last Forgotten intervention is to emphasize the importance of the market as a place of socialization by creating aggregational spaces (squares, hotspots), as well as new business dynamics (bookstores, craft shops, etc. ), as has happened in several European cities.

After numerous appearances in Europe and Australia, with an ongoing solo exhibition at the Metamorfose gallery in Porto, Daniel Eime is in Rome to pay homage to the people of a market.

Sophisticated artist Daniel Eime disrupts the stencil technique peculiarities, through a patient work on paper that after goes to the walls, calibrating the backgrounds of black and white often graphical that wrap its unmistakable wrinkled faces .


Art in the Market and bike tour on April 9th

As usual Forgotten will propose a parallel activity to involve citizens and draw attention to the proposed theme.

This time will be bike tour. The meeting point will be on the 9th April 10am at Piazza della Marina 31, in front of the first Forgotten intervention “This Connection” by AddFuel. From here the cycling tour will leave trough the forgotten buildings in Flaminio neighborhood leaded by the Open House Roma and the Riciclofficina Villagio Olimpico. At 12pm at the Guido Reni Market the work of Daniel Eime will be presented to the city followed by a moment dedicated to the fundraising campaign.

Forgotten  is  an  urban  art  project  that  aims  to  put  in  the  spotlight  some  roman  buildings  that  for  reasons  mainly  related  to  the  times,  the  expansion  of  the  city,  the  changing  of  habits  of  the  citizens  have lost their function  or  have  an  uncertain  future  and risk to be “forgotten” despite of their central location.

Five  urban  artists  of  the  Portuguese  contemporary  art scene,  much  appreciated  in  Europe  and  in  the  world,  were invited to do their first  artwork in  Rome, on the facades of buildings selected in order to offer food for thoughts, both for the single building and the building type they represent.

This  project,  promoted  by  MACRo,  is organized under the patronage of the Embassy of Portugal, the House of Architecture in Rome, the Cultural Department of the City of Rome the  Cultural Institute  Camões, and the fundraising  campaign.

This intervention has been organized with the help of the Municipality II and the operators of the Market Guido Reni.

Technical Sponsor: Tap Portugal, Silkprint, Birra del Borgo, Hurom
In collaboration with: Together, Open House Roma, Riciclofficina Villagio Olimpico

Pictures by Paolo Darra / Video by Leonardo  Meuti
Curated by Hugo  Dias  and Alessandra Arpino