Muralist and illustrator based in Sheffield, Phlegm’s style of murals is closely related to his work on paper, which he dedicates himself to incessantly, finding great stimulus in transforming urban spaces and entire buildings as if they were white pages.
His imagination is half-childish, half-threatening, immersed in strongholds with castles, turrets and scaled stairs. The city is often the setting for his long-limbed characters, half-man, half-creatures of the woods. In this dream world, spectators meet impossible flight machines and complex lever systems, as well as telescopes and magnifying glasses.

Working exclusively in monochrome, his refined technique and intricate detail is one of his most recognisable stylistic features.
Each design is part of a larger narrative that extends all over the world, from Norway to Canada, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, the USA, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Australia. His work has also appeared in a variety of unusual media such as aircraft, boats and other vehicles.

With Forgotten Project he will create his first art work in Rome.