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Open Call
Free Art Friday Rome (Italy)
Saturday March 17th
5pm – 7 pm

Introduction: On March 17th the English street artist My Dog Sighs will complete his mural on the surrounding wall of the Structure Nuovo Regina Margherita of ASL Roma 1. This mural is curated by Forgotten, a project highlighting the contemporary architecture in Rome through urban art. My Dog Sighs will be the first artist of the second edition of Forgotten Project and his artwork will highlight the situation of those hospital in Rome that are under reconversion.

As a tribute to the artist My Dog Sighs, who is the founder of the international format “Free Art Friday”, Forgotten Project is organizing the first Free Art Friday to be held in Rome.
Free Art Friday means “artwork placed on the street for any member of the public to enjoy and take home”
Artists from all around the world have left their art out on the street as an opportunity to create work free from the constraints of commerce, to voice an idea, shout a political message or just amuse and confuse the viewer.
Rome’s Free Art Friday will take place on Saturday March 17th: free artworks will be hidden around Trastevere neighbourhood (the area surrounding Piazza San Cosimato) starting from 5 pm.

How to:
If you are an artist, you can sign-up through this form and bring your artwork(s) on Saturday March 17th from 3 pm at the Nuovo Ospedale Regina Margherita (at My Dog Sighs’ mural, which is at the corner between Via Morosini and Via Roma Liberata). We will check you in and let you know where you should hide your artwork.
Artworks can be of any kinds (canvas, installations, pottery, sculptures, arts and crafts, etc), the only requirements are:
– it should be easily removable
– it does no damage to its environment
If you aren’t in Rome, you can still join the Free Art Friday by sending your artwork(s) to TOGETHER MANSION (Viale Glorioso 14, 00153, Roma) until March the 5th.

More information about the Free Art Friday here:


Forgotten Project was born in 2015 to enhance Rome’s contemporary architecture through urban art.There are some typologies of buildings that are at risk of being forgotten by those residents that don’t see anymore their social, cultural and urban centrality. The project aims at bringing attention back to these buildings, which still have a high – yet neglected – potential, though urban art and a series of events that actively involve people.


Through his FreeArtFriday Project, My Dog Sighs carries an anti-materialistic and anti-conspiratorial message. A further similarity could also be noted here, between urban and social waste.
Born from the desire to interact with the urban landscape and its inhabitants, whilst wanting to avoid anything with too great an impact, his work creates a story based on an intensity that resonates only with those who have the opportunity and the attention to read it.
More info about My Dog Sighs: