My Dog Sighs

After working quietly but with fervour on the streets, Portsmouth artist My Dog Sighs has recently appeared more consistently in the international contemporary art scene.
Born from the desire to interact with the urban landscape and its inhabitants, whilst wanting to avoid anything with too great an impact, his work creates a story based on an intensity that resonates only with those who have the opportunity and the attention to read it. Tin cans are his the metaphor of his research: the receptacle of our sustenance too quickly rejected, thrown away by a materialistic society eager for the “new”.

Through his FreeArtFriday Project, My Dog Sighs carries an anti-materialistic and anti-conspiratorial message. A further similarity could also be noted here, between urban and social waste.
From clowns and fictional characters, Islamic women to horror movie stars, behind every tin a thousand stories are concealed.
Eyes are the object of study and technical research, so reproducing them in large scale on mural surfaces, going beyond the aesthetic taste and telling of the glances represented in depth, each story always different and unique.
With an incredible international following in Israel, Japan, the United States, and of course in the UK, My Dog Sighs is rapidly becoming an important figure in the contemporary art scene.

With Forgotten Project he will create his first art work in Rome.