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A walking tour in the hospital structures of Rome city center
DATE: Saturday 10th March, 3.30 pm
ROUTE: Presidio Ospedaliero Santo Spirito in Saxia, Ospedale S. Gallicano (esternal), Presidio Nuovo Regina Margherita
TOUR DURATION: 2h 30 min
MEETING POINT: Chiostro del Commendatore @ Borgo Santo Spirito, 3 (please be there at 3.15 pm for registration)
PARTECIPATION: free admission (booking compulsory – limited number of participants) 

Forgotten Project second edition starts in March. It returns to talk about buildings at risk of being forgotten, involving citizens not only through urban art but also with in-depth walks, the first of which is scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday 10 March.

Waiting for the English artist My Dog Sighs, who will create his first artwork in Italy at the wall of Nuovo Regina Margherita in Trastevere, we will walk with exceptional guides among the emblematic hospitals of the center of Rome. In fact, the same employees of ASL Roma 1 will lead us through picturesque cloisters, chapels, frescoes and courtyards, telling us about the backstage of a moment of change like the one that hospital structures are facing.

Provisions in the management of healthcare facilities in recent years have made a series of changes in A.S.L. buildings as well as in hospitals. Beyond Nuovo Regina Margherita hospital, CTO, Eastman and Oftalmico hospitals are also under a reconversion process.
In Rome, Forlanini hospital is unique for its history and the controversy that has arisen over the years around the event of its closure, but also San Giacomo Hospital in Via Canova is a striking example of how the city’s expansion constitutes a element with thousand facets and complications. On the other hand, Nuovo Regina Margherita Structure undertook a “Copernican revolution”, rethinking its spaces as a function of territorial proximity.

The tour will above all be an occasion for reflection and deepening to discuss together the necessary reconversion processes, undertaken by some structures of the city.
The visit will finish with a collective action through which the participants can put on the wall – object of the imminent artistic intervention – messages, comments and suggestions that the artist My Dog Sighs will use to create his artwork commissioned by Forgotten Project.