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Diogo Machado stands out as being a creator of dreamscapes, where he combines actual characters, decorative patterns and his distinctive trait, with the ubiquitous hint of irony and an excellent symmetry. The trompe d’oeil in his works lets the spectator see medieval icons, for the accuracy and the form he uses in his drawings. At […]


Member of RUA, Frederico Draw uses spray cans as if they were pencils. He draws anonymous faces, portraits of random people he has met in the streets. His unique style is characterized by and unfinished trait that adds lyricism to the subject. He turns every surface into a wide sketching pad where charcoals are replaced […]

Bordalo II

Irreverent sculptor, Bordalo II, conveys the perfect message to highlight this metamorphosis. In his work, which converts urban garbage into large assemblages representing colorful and impactful animals, he demonstrates how rejected objects can be repurposed to form art. The artist’s works are at the same time a critique towards contemporary society that is not able […]


±MAISMENOS± is the name of an artistic project offering a critical reflection on social and economic models from contemporary society. The intelligent project was created to sensitize the community through specific artistic actions with a strong visual impact. Behind every work by this street artist, however simple it might seem, there is a strong social […]

Daniel Eime

Sensitive and sophisticated, Eime radically changed the technique of stencil (simplification of lines) by creating unique and highly descriptive portraits through a patient study of the traits and painting several layers only by brushes and exclusively in black and white. his background in design and scenography brings to a more incisive work, thanks to his […]