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“Not Forgotten”: unveiled the mural by Lucy McLauchlan for Forgotten Project

A new artwork for Campo Testaccio “Not Forgotten”: unveiled the mural by Lucy McLauchlan for Forgotten Project The second piece curated by the urban project born to claim the value of Rome’s contemporary architectural heritage highlights forgotten sport facilities. An anonimous surrounding wall turns into an artwork that questions: “what is beyond?”. The artist is […]

“Not Forgotten” by Lucy McLauchlan

Lucy McLauchlan’s artwork doesn’t deny the story of a forgotten stadium, neither claims to erase years of oblivion with rolls and spray-cans. The wall painted by this Birmingham-based artist aims at highlighting those years of oblivion through the inclusion of elements that symbolize decay into its elegant composition. Likewise classical music and rock, Lucy McLauchlan’s […]

Not Forgotten by Lucy McLauchlan

Limited Edition.  Two color print, 50x70cm, on Munken 300g. paper. 50 pieces, numbered and signed by the artist.

Street artist Lucy McLauchlan in Rome for the first time with Forgotten Project

Campo Testaccio will be the location of the second composition of the urban art project aiming to reclaim the value of urban heritage. Press Conference and Inauguration: 23rd of May 2018 from 6.00 p.m. – Campo Testaccio, Via Zabaglia 29-43. The second edition of Forgotten Project in Rome is about to score a goal with […]

Press Kit

24.05.2018 “Not Forgotten”: unveiled the mural by Lucy McLauchlan for Forgotten Project 21.05.2018 Street artist Lucy McLauchlan in Rome for the first time with Forgotten Project 20.03.2018 The Street Artist My Dog Sighs, for the first time in Rome with theForgotten Project 12.03.2018 My Dog Sighs’ artwork for Forgotten Project, titled “I still remember how […]

Kick-ups Competition for Campo Testaccio

On Wednesday May the 23rd starting from 6 p.m. footballs are back in the former stadium Campo Testaccio. To launch the new mural by the English street artist Lucy McLauchlan for Forgotten Project, to highlight the conditions of forgotten sport facilities in the city centre of Rome, we organize a kick-ups competition at the legendary […]

My Dog Sighs’ artwork for Forgotten Project, titled “I still remember how it was before”, inaugurated last Saturday

The British artist’s point of view on the hospital Nuovo Regina Margherita The hospital in Trastevere hosts the first mural of the second edition of the urban project born to reclaim the value of urban heritage. A different view of the city, of Trastevere and of health structures in Rome. The English street artist My […]

“I still remember how it was before” by My Dog Sighs

The artwork created by My Dog Sighs for Forgotten Project has much to do with the city of Rome and the central district of Trastevere. For Rome, My Dog Sighs decides to abandon the pop elements and strong colors in favor of softer nuances that interact best with the colors of the neighborhood and historic […]

I still remember how it was before by My Dog Sighs

Limited Edition.  Monochromatic print 50x70cm on Fedrigoni Arcoprint edizioni 1.3 ivory 270g. 30 pieces heavily hand finished, numbered and signed by the artist.

The Street Artist My Dog Sighs, for the first time in Rome with  Forgotten Project

The Nuovo Regina Margherita will be the location of the first intervention of the urban art project born to reclaim the value of urban heritage.  The second edition of Forgotten Project in Rome is starting. We will open the ball with the British street artist,  My Dog Sighs, at his first experience in the capital […]

For once we check them up! 

A walking tour in the hospital structures of Rome city center   DATE: Saturday 10th March, 3.30 pm ROUTE: Presidio Ospedaliero Santo Spirito in Saxia, Ospedale S. Gallicano (esternal), Presidio Nuovo Regina Margherita TOUR DURATION: 2h 30 min MEETING POINT: Chiostro del Commendatore @ Borgo Santo Spirito, 3 (please be there at 3.15 pm for […]

Open Call Artists FREE ART FRIDAY

Are you an artist? Wanna join the first Free Art Friday to be held in Rome? Subscribe here Open Call Free Art Friday Rome (Italy) Saturday March 17th 5pm – 7 pm Trastevere Introduction: On March 17th the English street artist My Dog Sighs will complete his mural on the surrounding wall of the Structure […]

Forgotten Project Second Edition

Four world-famous British street artists and four new themes for the project dedicated to the forgotten buildings of Rome The second edition of Forgotten Project will start in March 2018 in Rome. The project started in 2015, which dedicated it’s first edition to Portugal, will now focus on one of the most representative countries of urban […]

Institutional Art Awards: Special Mention

Award ‘for the recovery of the urban and social centrality of an often neglected dimension of the Roman architectural heritage’ for the Embassy of Portugal in Italy with Forgotten Project at the Institutional Art Awards 2017! The list of all the winners here.

Special Mention of the Jury in Conversation Video 2017

The film “Urban Art Portuguese in Rome” directed by Leonardo Meuti and produced by Forgotten Project received the Special Mention of the Jury in Conversation Video 2017, International Festival of Documentaries on Art and Architecture. The jury of this year, composed by: Elisabetta Cristallini, Professor of History of Contemporary Art – University of Tuscia Edoardo […]


In this map you can see all the locations of the first edition [wpme-gmap map=”1915″]

Hospital structures: Nuovo Regina Margherita

Provisions in the management of healthcare facilities in recent years have made a series of changes in A.S.L. buildings as well as in hospitals. Beyond the Nuovo Regina Margherita hospital of ASL Roma 1, CTO and Eastman hospitals are also under a reconversion process. In Rome, the Forlanini Hospital is a unique example in history […]

Sport Facilities: Campo Testaccio

Over the past few months the spotlight has been on the Olympics and the new stadium in Rome, but there are many cases of forgotten facilities: Santiago Calatrava’s “shark fin” and his unfinished Olympic complex at Tor Vergata, the abandoned state of the Flaminio Stadium structure, the old velodrome and the old stadium of Rome. […]


In Rome there are some emblematic cases of schools closed for years, mostly likely because of being condemned. The great ex Angelo Mai institute that housed the school of the La Salle Brothers to this day “remains the largest unfinished structure in the historical centre” [Corriere della Sera 21/01/2016]. This is followed by the Superiore […]


The subject of sustainability in the industry of cultural remains a problem to solve for Italy. Rome, the capital of this issue, presents some cases of obvious insurmountability of the structures and spaces dedicated to the culture that led to its closure. Theatres are the most contemporary example of this. The Teatro dell’Orologio is among […]

My Dog Sighs

After working quietly but with fervour on the streets, Portsmouth artist My Dog Sighs has recently appeared more consistently in the international contemporary art scene. Born from the desire to interact with the urban landscape and its inhabitants, whilst wanting to avoid anything with too great an impact, his work creates a story based on […]

Lucy McLauchlan

Working mainly on duotone, Lucy McLauchlan creates a world full of stories and governed by a passionate instinct that translates into almost gestural painting, an almost performative act. Lucy’s art combines ancient, almost prehistoric influences with a modernist graphic sensibility. The creative impulse that binds these two different references together constitutes its clear stylistic code, […]


Available soon…

Frederico Draw at Together Garden

Next Wednesday 1st June, TOGETHER host in their charming location of the Garden, between Trastevere and Gianicolo, the last ( ? ) event FORGOTTEN 1st edition: a live painting by Frederico Draw with DJ – set of  RoyTson (Kaisen Records) and a good beer. During the evening you can pick the catalog (for those who have already […]

Presented in Rome Daniel Eime’s latest work “Taglio” 

Last Saturday, April 9, was presented in Rome the first intervention of the Portuguese artist Daniel Eime in the city. The title of the work recalls a widely used expression in the markets and at the same time the technique and the wall composition. “Taglio” actually represents an old market vendor woman, with which Daniel […]

Forgotten… (THE EXHIBITION): 5 Portuguese artists at Rome’s Contemporary Art Museum

Opened yesterday to the public in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome – MACRO – the first exhibition of “Forgotten” project. Forgotten… (The EXHIBITION) will be at the pavilion 9A of MACRO Testaccio, from 14th April to 15th May 2016, curated by Alessandra Arpino, sponsored by the Embassy of Portugal, the Cultural Department of […]

CHIUSO by Daniel Eime

Limited Edition. Silk print 50x70cm on Fedrigoni ultra white, 2 colors of print limited to 50 pieces signed and numbered by the artist.  

Daniel Eime in Roma: a tribute to markets

  • After focusing on dismissed areas, old factories, little stations, and closed cinemas Forgotten is now paying homage to municipal markets • The portuguese artist Daniel Eime will be in Rome to talk about the potential of covered markets • The first edition of Forgotten will conclude with  an  exhibition on MACRO – Rome’s […]

Daniel Eime @ Mercato Guido Reni

This time we talk about street markets that have lost their central role in the neighborhood and that risk succumbing to large food distribution chains. The object of the intervention will be the Market Guido Reni, example of a structure with high potential that will be suited for an advanced functional model of market. Imponent […]

Forgotten… (THE EXHIBITION): 5 Portuguese artists in MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome

FORGOTTEN … (THE EXHIBITION) The Contemporary Art Museum of Rome MACRO houses the first exhibition devoted to “Forgotten Project”. Forgotten… (THE EXHIBITION) will be on view from April 13th to May 15th inside the 9A wing of MACRO Testaccio. Designed by Alessandra Arpino, the exhibition is realized thanks to the support of the Embassy of Portugal, the Cultural Commission […]

±MAISMENOS± @ Metropolitan/ Pasquino/ Troisi

This time the urban art project focused on shut down cinemas in Rome, whose future in uncertain and which have been ‘forgotten’. On February 19th, 20th and 21st those ‘urban ghosts’ became the striking setting of Miguel Januario’s temporary art installations that by making black stripes of paper, stencils and spray-cans available to passers-by,  gave them […]

Portuguese artist ±MAISMENOS± in Rome, with a project about forgotten cinemas

Last weekend the 4th Forgotten Project’s artistic intervention took place in Rome. Previous themes of the project were neglected areas, former factories and little stations. This time the urban art project focused on shut down cinemas in Rome, whose future in uncertain and which have been ‘forgotten’. On February 19th, 20th and 21st those ‘urban […]


Video by Leonardo Metti


Video by Trev Whelan / Music by Reset The Day Limited Edition.  Monochrome print on plastic and paper, customized by the artist with the original colors from his artwork. 25 x 36 cm. 20 pieces only, numbered and signed by the artist.


Limited Edition. Silk print  50x70cm on Fedrigoni Cotton Wove 350gr, 3 colors of print, limited to 50 pieces signed and numbered by the artist.

Bordalo II @ Saint Peter Station

The place chosen is Saint Peter Station which, with 253 trains per day, is the station of the shortest international railway in the world – connecting Italy with Vatican State. This intervention at Saint Peter Station owned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Ferrovia dello Stato Group) talks about the profound metamorphosis of urban areas: the main […]

Homage to shut down cinemas in Rome

The Portuguese Artist ±MaisMenos± is coming to Rome with an irreverent artistic installation  • ±MaisMenos± will be the  fourth  Portuguese artist invited by  Forgotten Project,  an urban art project aiming at highlighting those buildings in Rome that risk being ‘forgotten’. • Since 2008, more than 40 cinemas shut down. ± MaisMenos± will spotlight some of them in […]

“UMA CABRA” … at Saint Peter: the well-known Portuguese artist Bordalo II at Forgotten Project

Last Sunday Bordalo II’s latest BIG TRASH ANIMAL was presented to the city of Rome. Built on a wall at the entrance of Saint Peter Train Station, this work was realized thanks to Forgotten Project, in partnership with Ferrovie dello Stato Group and the XIII municipality. Once again, the artist transformed urban garbage into a […]


  Limited Edition. Silk print  50x70cm on Fedrigoni Cotton Wove 350gr, 3 colors of print, limited to 50 pieces signed and numbered by the artist.

Urban Art to pay homage to Rome’s Saint Peter train station

Portuguese artist Bordalo II will debut in Rome with one of his typical crestares sculptured of recycled materials Bordalo II’s Intervention is the third promoted by Forgotten Project, an initiative to put an artistic spotlight on urban spaces in central Rome Collaboration with Ferrovie dello Stato creates another reason to visit the station home to the […]


Member of RUA, Frederico Draw uses spray cans as if they were pencils. He draws anonymous faces, portraits of random people he has met in the streets. His unique style is characterized by and unfinished trait that adds lyricism to the subject. He turns every surface into a wide sketching pad where charcoals are replaced […]


±MAISMENOS± is the name of an artistic project offering a critical reflection on social and economic models from contemporary society. The intelligent project was created to sensitize the community through specific artistic actions with a strong visual impact. Behind every work by this street artist, however simple it might seem, there is a strong social […]

Add Fuel @ EX-SIAR

Forgotten Project’s first art intervention was in Piazza della Marina. The building selected for the art intervention (which is located near Piazza del Popolo) is part of a neglected area (ex-SIAR) subject to several renovation proposals, none of which has been accomplished. The first artist who had been invited by Forgotten Project is Diogo Machado, […]

Daniel Eime

Sensitive and sophisticated, Eime radically changed the technique of stencil (simplification of lines) by creating unique and highly descriptive portraits through a patient study of the traits and painting several layers only by brushes and exclusively in black and white. his background in design and scenography brings to a more incisive work, thanks to his […]