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Diogo Machado stands out as being a creator of dreamscapes, where he combines actual characters, decorative patterns and his distinctive trait, with the ubiquitous hint of irony and an excellent symmetry. The trompe d’oeil in his works lets the spectator see medieval icons, for the accuracy and the form he uses in his drawings. At the same time, by getting closer to the artwork, a contemporary composition stands out: a pop universe, which is both curious and ironic. The complexity of his compositions calls for a deeper look in order to spot tiny and unexpected details, as well as a totally different meaning. The dual intent of his work –simple and yet complex- is the pulse of his universe. He worked for important brands and galleries. He is very active as an illustrator, as well as in the streets, which he aims to turn into his own gallery. Here, he plays with people’s mind and mental focus by adding ‘renewed’ pieces to the tradition.