±MAISMENOS± @ Metropolitan/ Pasquino/ Troisi

This time the urban art project focused on shut down cinemas in Rome, whose future in uncertain and which have been ‘forgotten’.

On February 19th, 20th and 21st those ‘urban ghosts’ became the striking setting of Miguel Januario’s temporary art installations that by making black stripes of paper, stencils and spray-cans available to passers-by,  gave them the chance to write down their own ideas about cinema. The final result was stunning: words as seals on the front doors of the forgotten cinemas in the city center of Rome. The actions happened at the ex-cinema Metropolitan (Piazza del Popolo), at the ex-cinema Pasquino (Trastevere) and at the ex-cinema Sala Troisi (Porta Portese).

The Buildings

The intervention

“Making of” video