Lucy McLauchlan

With a technique  create from studies and the street, Lucy McLauchlan produces paintings, art works and murals that reflect her own interests in craftsmanship and site specificity and the tension between industry, nature and technology in contemporary life. She explains: “I’m not strictly a street artist” and just an “urban artist” by definition, I live the city, I’m an open-air artist…” McLauchlan works mainly in black and white, combining Art Deco influences, tribal art, psychedelic, manga and nature in sinuous compositions, embellished by faces and eyes that attract and fasten the gaze of passers-by. Contemporary feminine figurative work consolidates its enchanting charm through painting comprised of ritual, almost gestures.

Some works of the artist can be found in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Lucy McLauchlan’s large-scale chromium-plated paintings have covered several multi-storey buildings in Europe, giant billboards in China, huge windows in Japan, Gambian huts, headlights in Norway, as well as car parks in Detroit and abandoned tunnels of New York.

Represented by Lazaride, one of the most prestigious galleries in the world, Lucy McLauchlan lives and works in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

With Forgotten Project she will create her first art work in Rome