Dan Kitchener

Also known as DANK, Dan Kitchener is an artist, illustrator and art director.

His professional life is divided between Essex and London. His work focuses on the theme of urbanism, scenes depicted are inspired by everyday life, set in a metropolitan environment featuring neon lighting and rain. The relationship with lighting, as well as composition, are its main focus. His mural works play with size and perspective in a masterly way. Each piece of work requires a double perspective: close, for a rather brutal impact, made of fluorescent colours and informal elements that point to abstract expressionism; and far away, for a vision that helps to understand the function of every single sign in the general economy of the figurative composition.

This figure reminds us in some ways of the impressionists of the last century. DANK has worked for Sir Paul McCartney, Kylie, Calvin Harris, Il Divo, Carlsberg, MTV, ITV and the Ministry of Sound. He has participated in numerous festivals around the world and his works have been exhibited in Australia, Japan, America and all over Europe.

With Forgotten Project he will create his first piece of art work in Rome.