“I still remember how it was before” by My Dog Sighs

The artwork created by My Dog Sighs for Forgotten Project has much to do with the city of Rome and the central district of Trastevere. For Rome, My Dog Sighs decides to abandon the pop elements and strong colors in favor of softer nuances that interact best with the colors of the neighborhood and historic […]


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Daniel Eime in Roma: a tribute to markets


  • After focusing on dismissed areas, old factories, little stations, and closed cinemas Forgotten is now paying homage to municipal markets • The portuguese artist Daniel Eime will be in Rome to talk about the potential of covered markets • The first edition of Forgotten will conclude with  an  exhibition on MACRO – Rome’s […]

Daniel Eime @ Mercato Guido Reni

This time we talk about street markets that have lost their central role in the neighborhood and that risk succumbing to large food distribution chains. The object of the intervention will be the Market Guido Reni, example of a structure with high potential that will be suited for an advanced functional model of market. Imponent […]

Daniel Eime

Sensitive and sophisticated, Eime radically changed the technique of stencil (simplification of lines) by creating unique and highly descriptive portraits through a patient study of the traits and painting several layers only by brushes and exclusively in black and white. his background in design and scenography brings to a more incisive work, thanks to his […]