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Add Fuel

Diogo Machado stands out as being a creator of dreamscapes, where he combines actual characters, decorative patterns and his distinctive trait, with the ubiquitous hint of irony and an excellent symmetry. The trompe d’oeil in his works lets the spectator see medieval icons, for the accuracy and the form he uses in his drawings. At […]

Frederico Draw @ Ex fabbrica Mira-Lanza

Forgotten Project’s second artistic intervention focused on former factories through the realization of a mural on one of the most emblematic industrial archaeological sites in Rome: the ex-Mira Lanza factory. The history of this factory is entwined with leadership, corporate mergers, reconversions, the post-war period, cultural centres, unaccomplished projects and fires. In order to illustrate […]

Bordalo II

Irreverent sculptor, Bordalo II, conveys the perfect message to highlight this metamorphosis. In his work, which converts urban garbage into large assemblages representing colorful and impactful animals, he demonstrates how rejected objects can be repurposed to form art. The artist’s works are at the same time a critique towards contemporary society that is not able […]