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Forgotten is an urban project putting the spotlight on those buildings in the city center of Rome that are at risk of being forgotten.
Forgotten asks to the most representative artists of a given country to develop their artworks on the forgotten buildings.
Forgotten works with international artists who have never worked in Rome.
Forgotten is supported by various institutions, both local and international.
Forgotten involves several associations from the different neighborhoods where it is operating.
Forgotten acts as a connector between local realities and international institutions.
Forgotten is not a festival, but a project that develops over a year.
Forgotten does not redevelop the outskirts, but operates through a series of specific acts in several central areas of the city of Rome.
Forgotten does not want to beautify the city, but to bring the citizen to reflection through art.

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My Dog Sighs’ artwork for Forgotten Project, titled “I still remember how it was before”, inaugurated last Saturday


The British artist’s point of view on the hospital Nuovo Regina Margherita The hospital in Trastevere hosts the first mural of the second edition of the urban project born to reclaim the value of urban heritage. A different view of the city, of Trastevere and of health structures in Rome. The English street artist My […]

The Street Artist My Dog Sighs, for the first time in Rome with  Forgotten Project


The Nuovo Regina Margherita will be the location of the first intervention of the urban art project born to reclaim the value of urban heritage.  The second edition of Forgotten Project in Rome is starting. We will open the ball with the British street artist,  My Dog Sighs, at his first experience in the capital […]

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